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Persian Hostel Co.

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Type of accommodation

bed in dormitory (7€)

Cozy dorm image

Spacious and beautiful dorm decorated with flowers and pictures.
Comfortable beds with clean sheets

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Private Double Room (25€)

Private room image

Private rooms with a couch, desk, shared bathroom just by the door in the dorm, free Wi-Fi, as well as a good complete breakfast.

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Private Twin Room (25€)

Private room image

Private rooms with a couch, desk, shared bathroom just by the door in the dorm, free Wi-Fi, as well as a good complete breakfast.

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3-bed private room (30€)

Hotel apartment image-3

3-bed private room with private bathroom and kitchen

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4-bed private room (35€)

Hotel apartment image-4

4-bed private room with private bathroom and kitchen

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5-bedroom apartment (40€)

Hotel apartment image-5

5-bedroom apartment with private bathroom and kitchen

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Travel to Tehran Iran

10 things you definitely need to know before you come to Iran

1) Cash: You should always have cash with you. Iranian banks' ATM will not read your debit card. However, there are certain organizations and banks which help you get money from your debit card, but you should pay them a fairly small interest, and it can be so time consuming.

2) Iranian Visa: You can get your visa on arrival, however, for some people from the countries like Canada, England and a few others, it is difficult to get on arrival visa. So they need to apply for it beforehand through the Iranian consulate in their country.
Our central office which is a travel agency ( Tafaroj Gasht ) will also help you get your visa easily by providing you with visa authorization code. For more information please click here.

3) Transportation: Unlike general presupposition about transportation of Tehran and Iran, there are many different local and international airports to fly wherever you wish, whether inland or abroad.
There is a good subway system connecting all the spots and the regions of Tehran as well as railroads and modern VIP buses to every spot in Iran.
There are many BRT and bus lines and cabs to all parts of the city.

4) Accommodation: In Tehran, there are many hotels, ranging from 5-star hotels to ordinary ones as well as hostels and B&Bs. For most of these places you cannot pay online when you book. So, the payment will be on arrival at your hotel or hostel.

5) People: As to people, you had better know Iranians are famous for hospitality, and it is truly so. This country is partly religious, but Islamic religion applied in the civil system is not as strict as some Arabic countries. Because of Hijab code, when you are on the bus you will notice men and women are separated; however, it is not that strict, you will see in some sections they are mixed, but if you are male, it is better not to enter women's section or cars on subway, and in general there is no such difficulty or rigidity regarding tourists.

6) Is Iran a Safe country? About civil and private security, we should again say that unlike general presupposition of Europeans that might be the result of the media, Iran is one of the safest countries of the world. People approach tourists in a friendly way and are much willing to help them. All our guests from Europe say that what the media say is unlike what they notice when they come to Iran.

7) Internet and technology in Iran: About Technology, Tehran is equipped with all the advanced technologies and transportation systems such as high speed internet and Wi-Fi almost in all the buildings. You can also buy Iranian SIM cards which will be activated in a few hours and have good internet connection.
At Persian Hostel, we provide our guests with activated Hamrah-e-Aval SIM cards.

8) Food: Alcohol, pork and few other foods are forbidden in Iran because of Islamic principles.
If you are vegetarian, you can find vegetarian food wherever you are, there are many traditional Iranian restaurants that serve Iranian vegetarian food like Kashk-e-Bademjan, Miraza Ghasemi, Ash Reshte, kookoo, Adasi etc.

9) Medical services: You can visit general practitioner with less than 5 dollars, even without an insurance card, and with less than 10 you can visit the best specialists graduated from the best universities of Iran or the western countries (again without insurance). You can buy some of the medicines and antibiotics with low price over the counter and without prescription.
There are clinics in every spot of Tehran, even in the small and remote villages.

10) Weather: since Iran is a vast country, you will find all the seasons at the same time, especially in winter. This country is bound by seas in the North and the South. There are big hot deserts in the center of Iran, say, Yazd while we have dense forests and high mountains in the north. In the winter, the cities in the west and the northwest are freezing while, at the same time, the south has summer temperature.

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