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bed in dormitory (7€)

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Spacious and beautiful dorm decorated with flowers and pictures.
Comfortable beds with clean sheets

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Private Double Room (25€)

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Private rooms with a couch, desk, shared bathroom just by the door in the dorm, free Wi-Fi, as well as a good complete breakfast.

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Private Twin Room (25€)

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Private rooms with a couch, desk, shared bathroom just by the door in the dorm, free Wi-Fi, as well as a good complete breakfast.

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3-bed private room (30€)

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3-bed private room with private bathroom and kitchen

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4-bed private room (35€)

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4-bed private room with private bathroom and kitchen

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5-bedroom apartment (40€)

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5-bedroom apartment with private bathroom and kitchen

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Iran Desert Tour

Iran Desert Tour Crossing Desert with Camel caravans

Journey in the way of our ancestors (completely oriental and nostalgic)

Duration: 4 Days
Cost: 240 USD

Tourism in Iran is growing and a lot travel to Iran. Persian Hostel in Tehran has been working as a successful budget accommodation in Tehran. Our purpose has been creating a lovely cultural forum where every traveler would benefit from an international gathering and feel at home. Since Iran is huge with a lot of points of interest such as castles, palaces, pristine nature, say in the north of Iran where lush green forests lie, our Iran tour experts come forth with detailed knowledge. We set various itineraries for you and if you are interested, you can embark on our adventure tours in Iran.


Moving across the one of the branches of the Silk Road with camel caravans in the way of our ancestors (a combination of walking and riding). Being away from all the stresses and hobbies of the day in these days of desert life. Experiencing the passing through of the salt lake and getting familiar with desert plants and animals. Walking with naked feet on subtle sandy rattles and scratching on a slope of sand. Visiting the red wells and the remains of the white water caravanserai. Crossing the Dukurian clan of Turkmen, visiting the monuments left in the central desert of Iran Nazir, Qiloukh Water Storage, Ein o Rashid Caravanserai, Bahar Palace and Shah Abbas Hermitage Caravanserai. Experiencing a night in a campground located on a non-residential Island.
Another night of staying in silent camping located deep in the central desert of Iran and the third night in the historic caravanserai of the Desert National Park (the palace of Bahram) and drink warm and super delicious dishes by chefs such as camel chelokabab!

Travel Region:

Isfahan and Semnan Provinces - Iran's Central Desert.

Type of activity of this adventure tour in Iran:

Semi-heavy include: nature-clearing, camping and trekking (daily 4-6 hours optional walking). On this trip, each company rides, given their ability to walk and camel, and can use any amount of the route it wants to be mounted on cars that support our railings until the end of the journey.


Since our first priority is the comfort and health of dear travelers, therefore, we are sorry to say that we cannot register the dear old and children under the age of 5 on this tour. Also, those honorable people, who themselves know that they are sick or have a particular discomfort or for whatever reason or do not have the pleasure and enough strength for camping trips, we will ask for advice from our experts on choosing non-camping tours.

Day 1:

Moving from Tehran to Qom, breakfast in the restaurant. Getting to know each other in the car, continuing to Aran. Driving unto the desert, a short stop to visit the primitive agriculture in the desert and having some snack. Watching the hills and Red valleys. Continue up to Maranjab Desert and having lunch at the inn.
Taking a short walk on the subtle sandy hills, rolling in the sandy beach and photographing the sights of the area. Having snack, and continuing the path with the car unto the salt lake bed. Then, we reach the wanderer island and setting up tents with the participation of the group in order to get familiar with professional camping.
A night patrol wandering in the pristine parts of the island and watching the thousands-starred sky of the desert nights. Getting familiar with the orientation through stars, then having dinner and spending a magnificent nightlife around the fire, and eventually a night's experience of the silent and indescribable tranquility of this uninhabited island.

Day 2:

Spend breakfast and dismantle the camp, pick up the gear and heading at 7:30 with camel caravans in the salt lake bed, navigating the lake until we reach the moving sand dunes and stop for snacks. Continuing the route as a combination of camping and walking through the most recent sand drops and dunes until we reach the Damageye Punak (in case of weariness or lack of time, we will continue the route with cars).
Stop near the desert well of Damageh and experience primitive watering in the desert. Then we have lunch and lay back and take a short rest and continue the track on the Silk Road with camel caravans. We take a short stop for snacks, continue to the gates of the Desert National Park to set up a camp. Group co-operation in tents and spend some free time until dinner is prepared. We spend a memorable nighttime and then sleep sat deep in the central desert of Iran.

Day 3:

Spend breakfast and dismantle the camp, collect equipment and continue to walking and riding through the endless desert, we will have snack, and continue till we reach the white water storage facility in the desert area. Walking in Desert National Park until we reach to the remains of a white water caravanserai to visit and return to the lunch area. Drive in the Desert National Park and cross the Turkmen Kalout.
Walking in the Dar Dege barahoote Do Kaviri and drive to the gorge of Qalikouh's lagoon. Visiting the old water storage facility built on the Silk Road caravans, and continue until we reach the refurbished caravanserai of Eynol Rashid. Then continue the path to reach the Shahr-e-Bahram, visit different parts and also the roof, set up a camp in the courtyard of Bahram Palace and spend some free time until dinner is prepared.

Day 4:

Have breakfast and disassemble tents, collect equipment and load them in the car. Walk to the remains of Shah Abbas Shrine to visit and explore. Drive up to the exit gate of the Kavir National Park in the Mubarakieh area and continue to Varamin for lunch at the restaurant (though somewhat later than usual) and continue to Tehran and reach the Argentina square around 17 o'clock
Follow us for more Iran Adventure Tour and if you are going to travel to Yazd, you can choose Pardisanhostel.com to book budget accommodation in Yazd

Travel welfare:

1- This trip is in the desert part of full board, with warm foods and you do not need to bring portable food.
2- For snacks, two types of fruit beverages, cakes, mountain tea and desert snacks are served daily. Besides, amazing nightlife around the fire and have barbecued potatoes.
3- Since it is our duty to carry backpacks, you do not need to carry a backpack while traveling along the route.
4- While you are along the route, in any part you do not want to walk, you can get on the vehicles that support the team.

Travel difficulties:

1. You know that there is no shower in the desert, but if you are willing to take shower in desert conditions, it will be done, with great perseverance, by heated water in primitive way in the kettle in the camp for this purpose.
2. There is no signal parts of the area.
3. On the way between the camps, you will have to use nature as a bathroom. On the first day of Iran our adventure tour.

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