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Persian Hostel Co.

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bed in dormitory (7€)

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Spacious and beautiful dorm decorated with flowers and pictures.
Comfortable beds with clean sheets

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Private Double Room (25€)

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Private rooms with a couch, desk, shared bathroom just by the door in the dorm, free Wi-Fi, as well as a good complete breakfast.

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Private Twin Room (25€)

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Private rooms with a couch, desk, shared bathroom just by the door in the dorm, free Wi-Fi, as well as a good complete breakfast.

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3-bed private room (30€)

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3-bed private room with private bathroom and kitchen

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4-bed private room (35€)

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4-bed private room with private bathroom and kitchen

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5-bedroom apartment (40€)

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5-bedroom apartment with private bathroom and kitchen

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Tehran Intercity buses

Intercity buses


Since traveling by bus is an absolutely affordable and budget way to visit numerous cities and many different sites in Iran, "Bus Transportation" is almost the very first choice of transportation in the country. By choosing bus transportation you may save your money and time. Overnight, for example, buses are available almost between every major city in Iran; so, you can spend your night traveling and take rest on perfectly comfortable VIP buses, and in the morning you will be in your favorite destination.
The cost of bus ticket, as mentioned above, in Iran is really low. The purchase price, for instance, of the best VIP bus ticket from Tehran to Isfahan is about 7 USD; and with a normal bus, it is about 5 USD. Bus Transportation Organization and Services is, truly, one of the best among Western Asian Countries; and also Middle Eastern ones. Having more than 60K buses and minibuses routes with the best quality of VIP and FIRST CLASS services, and also about 300 bus terminals, puts Iran Bus Transportation System among the most well-organized and equipped ones. Iranians and tourists have, every year, more than 400 million bus trips inside the country.
Remember that, approximately, all major cities in Iran are connected to each other by extensive, modern Highways and Freeways.


The most Popular Routes of the Country:

1. Tabriz-Tehran: This route is a famous way for tourists who come to Iran from Turkey or Armenia borders. Buses in this way are provided by "Iran Peyma (VIP)", "Hamsafar (VIP)", and "Tak Safar Iranian (VIP)".
Approximate ticket price in this route: 11$
Approximate distance: 630 Km (about 7 hours)
2. Tehran- Isfahan: This route connects two major cities in Iran, the capital and one of the most important historic and cultural cities. Isfahan, undoubtedly, is among the tourists' choices for visiting in Iran. "Iran Peyma", and "Hamsafar" companies have already provided VIP and FIRST CLASS services in this route.
Approximate ticket price in this route: 7.1$
Approximate distance: 350 Km (About 5 to 6 hours)
3. Tehran-Mashhad: Since Mashhad is the most important religious city in Iran, because of Imam Reza's Holy Shrine in Mashhad, having the largest mosque in the world, and also being an attractive city among both Iranian people and tourists, many people, daily, go to Mashhad from Tehran.
Companies Providing 24-hour VIP bus tickets for this route:
"Asia Safar", "Seiro Safar", "Tak Safar", "Chabok Savaran", "Taavoni no.1/10/12/15"
Approximate ticket price in this route: 16.2$ (VIP)
Normal tickets: 9.5$
Approximate distance: 900Km (about 10 hours)
4. Isfahan-Shiraz: Shiraz, certainly, is among tourists' choices and one of the most popular destinations in Iran. Companies Providing 24-hour bus tickets for this route:
"Royal Safar", "Hamsafar", and "Chabok Savaran"
Approximate ticket price in this route: 10$
Approximate distance: 480 Km (about 5 to 6 hours)
5. Shiraz-Yazd: Since Yazd is one of the other historic, cultural, and religious cities in Iran, many people travel to this city every day. It is also a popular and interesting destination for tourists because of having lots of ancient, historic, and religious sites.
Companies providing 24-hour VIP tickets for this route:
"Mihan Noor Aria", and "Giti Peyma Fars"
Approximate ticket price in this route: 11$
Approximate distance: 440 Km (about 5 h & 20 min)
6. Shiraz-Kerman: Bewildering "Lut Desert" has been one of the most intriguing natural places for every visitor, both Iranian and more particularly foreign travellers. "Lut Desert" is located in the south-central part of Iran in "Kerman" province.
Approximate ticket price in this route: 13$
Approximate distance: 570 Km (about 7 hours)
7. Yazd-Kerman: Desert lovers will be surprised and puzzled during their trip in this route. Visiting Yazd and Kerman means an experience of a real eco tour by traveling in sandy "Kalut Desert".
Approximate ticket price in this route: 10.2$
Approximate distance: 370 Km (about 4 hours)


How to travel by bus to other cities "from Tehran"??

Tehran Bus Terminal
1. The Southern Bus Terminal (Terminal-e Jonoob): This terminal is located 2 Km east of "Tehran Main Train Station". It is a well-equipped terminal which handles buses to/from cities in the south of Tehran like Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd etc. and it is the closest terminal to Persian Hostel which is easily accessible via metro: From Persian Hostel: get on the train at “Mellat” station toward “Tehran (Sadeghiyeh)", change trains at “Imam Khomeini” station Toward “Kahrizak” and leave the train at Terminal-e Jonoob station.
2. The Western Bus Terminal (Terminal-e Gharb): This station is, certainly, the biggest, busiest, and best equipped one in the capital. You can travel to almost every city in Iran from northern ones to southern provinces from this terminal. Additionally, most international buses heading to some countries out of Iranian borders, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey etc. are available in this terminal. It's located in the northwest of Azadi sq. The best way in order to go to this terminal is "Meydan-e Azadi" metro station. From Persian Hostel to Terminal-e Gharb by metro: get on the train at “Mellat" Station toward Tehran (Sadeghiyeh), at "Shademan" station (which is named Azadi on some old maps) Change trains and go on line 4(yellow line) toward "Eram-e Sabz", and leave the train at "Meydan-e Azadi" Station.
The other way is using BRT buses.
3. The Beihaghi Bus Terminal (Terminal-e Beihaghi): Located at Arzhantin sq., about 1 Km west of "Mossala metro stop"; (on line 1). It is the northern most bus terminal. This Terminal has services to/from most major cities in Iran, including Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd, and Rasht.
You can purchase VIP and FIRST CLASS bus tickets from this terminal, or reserve/buy your ticket via travel agencies' websites.

4. The Eastern Bus Terminal (Terminal-e Shargh): Seven Kilometers northeast of Imam Hossein sq., this terminal handles buses to/from Khorasan provinces (Shomali, Razavi, Jonoobi), as well as small number of services to the northern cities of Iran such as "Sari" in Mazandaran province.
The best way to get to this terminal is using BRT line which is stretched from east to west of the city.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices from Tehran to most popular destinations for tourists/ major cities in Iran:

*note: all prices are for VIP and FIRST CLASS services
Tehran-Mashhad = 16.2$ (900 Km)
Tehran- Isfahan = 7.1$ (350 Km)
Tehran- Tabriz = 10.5$ (630 Km)
Tehran-Shiraz = 16.3$ (930 Km)
Tehran-Yazd = 12.1$ (620 Km)
Tehran-Kashan = 4.4$ (250 Km)
Tehran-Qom = 2.8$ (150 Km)
Tehran-Hamedan = 7.8 (320 Km)
Tehran-Kerman = 16.2$ (990 Km)
Tehran-Bandar Abbas = 21.1$ (1290 Km)
Tehran-Jolfa (city in Eastern Azerbaijan province) = 14.4$ (770 Km)
Tehran-Zanjan = 5.7$ (330 Km)
Tehran-Rasht = 7$ (330 Km)
Tehran-Sari = 6.2$ (280 Km)
Tehran-Bushehr = 19.4$ (1060 Km)
Tehran-Sanandaj = 11$ (500 Km)
Tehran-Kermanshah = 10.8$ (490 Km)
Tehran-Ramsar = 8.5$ (250 Km)
Tehran-Gorgan = 9.4$ (410 Km)
Tehran-Ghazvin = 4$ (160 Km)
Tehran-Shahr-e Kord = 12.1$ (550 Km)
Tehran-Semnan = 4.9$ (220 Km)
Tehran-Ardabil = 12.5$ (590 Km)
Tehran-Sarein (a touristy city in Ardabil province) = 13.7$ (620 Km)
Tehran-Khorram Abad = 8.5$ (490 Km)
Tehran-Yasooj = 15$ (780 Km)
Tehran-Astara = 8.3$ (500 Km)
Tehran-Abadan = 16.8$ (978 Km)
Tehran-Ilam = 14$ (670 Km)
Tehran-Ahvaz = 16.2$ (830 Km)
Tehran-Urmia = 14.4$ (770 Km)
Tehran- Arak = 5.7$ (280 Km)
Tehran- Bandar-e Anzali = 7.8$ (370 Km)

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